Okami sequel teased by Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura

Okami sequel Hideki Kamiya Ikumi Nakamura

Well, this is news I certainly wasn’t expecting to see today, but I’m not complaining! Okami is a beautiful and beloved action-adventure game set in a world inspired by Japanese watercolor paintings. The game was a huge hit, especially among Zelda lovers, and fans have been begging for a true sequel for over a decade. The DS adventure Okamiden was a nice touch, but it wasn’t the true Okami sequel fans craved. However, it looks like the dream might finally be coming true! A recent tweet from Ikumi Nakamura and starring Hideki Kamiya has us excited!

Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura tease Okami sequel

Ikumi Nakamura made a huge splash at E3, then shocked the world by leaving Tango Gameworks just a few months later. What could she be planning next? Today, she sent out a tweet announcing plans to partner with Hideki Kamiya on an Okami sequel. You can check out the teaser below

It’s finally happening

As we reported last year, Platinum Games considered making an Okami sequel back in 2016, but ultimately chose not to.  That news was heart-breaking but also left some optimistic. If Platinum was toying with the idea that recently, there’s still hope! With Ikumi Nakamura on board, the future is bright!


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