OK, Here’s the Plan of Action

This blog ain\’t gonna be a random posting of thoughts. I want to follow a structure. I call it Structured Mayhem. Not to say I won\’t post any spontaneous flashes of epiphany that come to me in the shower. I definitely will have those moments too. But, I mean to say that I would like to create a base routine so readers will know what to expect. So, here’s how things will roll:

1: Once a week I will try and do an update of all notable news from the past week. I will try and summarize and make brief comments on the current events. I may also add a commentary on the week if it warrants some elaboration. If a megaton is released by the Nintendo corps or if a major rumor is brewing, I will definitely update as it happens. I call this section: The Week in Review.

2: At least, once a week I will try and post a \”Feature Article.\” Something informative, nostalgic, or just plain fun to read. Maybe something like, \”The Top Ten Moments in Gaming That Had You Throwing Your Controller at the Wall,\” or \”Birdo: Male or Female?\” Or whatever.

3: Once a week I will write an Op-Ed. Basically, a commentary or opinion article on Nintendo’s current state of affairs. Remember to comment on those. Your opinions matter, too. I\’ll call this section: Nintendo Commentary.

4: And lastly, I will sometimes make tournaments, polls, or other such Interactive Events.

If it doesn\’t fall into any of these categories then I will call it Random Musings.

So, I hope you have something to look forward to! If you have any other ideas or would like to see something in particular, leave me a comment below.