Official Nintendo UK Store Adds Merchandise

The official UK store now doesn\’t just sell consoles and games

The recently opened Official Nintendo UK Online Store will now not only sell new and old titles across Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS and hardware, but now customers can also purchase official figurines, accessories, clothing and game guides. The site is launching with over 170 new merchandise lines, which includes both exclusive and items only previously available outside of Europe, so you can bet that the Nintendo UK store will be a sure fire hit with fans and collectors alike. There are 4 main sections that are new, figurines, console accessories, clothing and apparel and game guides.

Figurines – Starting off the store will sell some exclusive figurines from both the Zelda and Metroid universe. In the Zelda section you have Link on Epona and the main protagonist, Ganondorf, in the Metroid section you have Samus\’ gunship from Metroid Prime and Zero Suit Samus. As you can imagine the figures/statues all look fantastic and are all well made, and the prices reflect this.


Console Accessories – The Nintendo Online Store has lots of different accessories for all your Nintendo consoles, game cartridges and controllers, selling items such as exclusive Mario and Luigi wheel attachments for your Wii Remotes, (just in time for Mario Kart 8!) Wii U Gamepad decals, 3DS cases, game card cases and more.


Clothing and Apparel – The store is initially focusing on just 4 Key Nintendo franchises – Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. It will launch with a selection of items including Bags, Hats, Keyrings, Wallets, T-shirts, Socks and Hoodies.

Game Guides – Featuring guides from some of the most recent Nintendo published titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Pikmin 3 and the yet to be released Mario Kart 8.

\”We\’re excited to be adding Merchandise to the Official Nintendo Online Store offering,\” comments John Donnellan, Head of Ecommerce at Nintendo UK \”We\’re often asked why Limited Edition or Official items aren\’t available in the UK, so it’s great to be able to offer fans a hub for purchasing them. We\’re looking forward to being able to broaden this selection by adding further limited edition and exclusive items to the site over the coming months.\”

The Official Nintendo UK Store was opened in October 2013. You can check the site out here.

Jamie Ward