Octopath Traveler will travel to PC on June 7

Octopath Traveler for PC Steam Square Enix Store

Yep, after Korea spilled the beans, this isn’t a surprise: Octopath Traveler will come to PC on Steam and the Square Enix Store on June 7. This news comes via a now-deleted blog post from Square Enix that was fortunately caught by Gematsu.

Aside from the release date, nothing else appears to be new here. This sounds like the same exact game that came to Switch, minus the portability of course, so Switch owners don’t need to feel too cheated.

It’s always a good thing when a terrific game is accessible to more people, so this is news worth celebrating. It also expands the player base for whenever anĀ Octopath Traveler sequel inevitably launches on Switch. The mobile game prequel should do the same.


John Friscia
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