Octopath Traveler sequel for console will ‘take a bit more time’

Octopath Traveler sequel console Nintendo Switch Square Enix

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent (also translated as Conquerors of the Continent) is releasing for Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan on Oct. 28, and more information continues to come out about the game. Sister site Siliconera has translated assorted details from a Famitsu feature about the Square Enix game. However, that feature also briefly mentions an Octopath Traveler sequel for console, stating, “The development of an Octopath Traveler for game consoles is going to take a bit more time.” A second outing on Nintendo Switch seems likely, but we will be waiting a while for it.

This is actually nearly identical to what Square Enix said about an Octopath Traveler sequel on consoles in March of 2019, when it said, “To those expecting a new console game, we’re working on it as well, but it will take a bit more time. Please enjoy the mobile game for now.”

As for Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent in Japan, Square Enix intends to add new stories to the game every month or two, with two years’ worth of stories planned already. New travelers will enter the game at an even faster rate. It would be nice if the West could get its hands on this title someday, but there are still no announced plans for such.

What are you hoping for in an Octopath Traveler sequel on Nintendo Switch?


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