Famitsu is surveying English speakers about Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler Famitsu survey

Famitsu, Japan’s most famous video game magazine, is currently surveying English speakers for their thoughts on Octopath Traveler. It is for a feature that will run on September 6, and responses are due by the end of Monday, August 20 JST. Responses collected might be shared directly with the Famitsu audience!

The survey is a mix of straightforward questions and nitty-gritty questions. However, it doesn’t seem like you have to answer every question in order to submit your feedback, so don’t let its complexity deter you. Do beware of some “Engrish” as you proceed through the questions (and its incorrectly translated character job titles) though:

  • Who did you choose as your first character?
  • Put the characters’ names in the order you like.
  • Who do you recommend as battle members, and which secondary job did you choose for him/her? (maximum 4 characters)
  • What are your favorite skills? (maximum 3 skills)
  • Put main stories in the order you like.
  • Which scene in main stories do you like the most?
  • Put path actions in the order you use.
  • Tell your memories about path actions.
  • Who is the boss that left an impression on you?
  • What is your favorite music track?
  • How many hours do you play this game so far?
  • What elements of the game do you find fun?
  • Do you have played Bravely Default or Bravely Second?
  • Do you have any requests for Octopath Traveler?
  • Give your message for Octopath Traveler team!

You can check out theĀ Octopath Traveler survey here. Good luck with getting featured in Famitsu!


John Friscia
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