What’s the most disappointing Switch game you’ve played?

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In many ways and through many games, the Switch has been a wonderful return to form for Nintendo. Super Mario Odyssey took 3D Mario to new heights. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received unbelievable accolades. And hell, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate did the impossible and dethroned Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, not every Switch game is made equal. Many of us hyped up a game extensively before we found ourselves incredibly underwhelmed on release. What has been the most disappointing Switch game for you? For me personally, Octopath Traveler sticks out as the biggest waste of potential.

This game looked to have it all. It was absolutely beautiful, the battle system looked fun, and it took an interesting approach to RPG storytelling by bringing eight personal journeys to the table instead of one overarching plot. The demo seemed promising, and our own John Friscia even gave the game an 8 out of 10 in his review (different strokes for different folks, right?). I had high hopes for the game — a great 2D RPG was exactly what I wanted on my Switch.

Unfortunately, for me, Octopath Traveler was too dry to endure. A total yawn-fest. The art style was incredible, sure, and the battle system had some fun quirks to work with, but it was all downhill from there. The first major issue I noticed was the jarring lack of interaction between party members. Each story was truly, completely individualized, sealed off from any role or even commentary from other adventurers, even though you would have four of these party members fighting alongside each other at any given moment. The game could have overcome this if its stories and characters were interesting, but they were meh at best. I found them often weighed down by uninteresting characters and motivations as well as awful, grating dialogue. I wanted to like Octopath Traveler, I really did. But the game frequently had me dozing off more effectively than any sleeping pill.

I was especially saddened by Octopath Traveler‘s subpar adventuring, but now I want to hear from all of you. What Switch game disappointed you the most? Did Breath of the Wild not live up to the hype? Was all of the baggage surrounding Super Mario Party too much to bear? Was Xenoblade 2 just too damn long? Sound off in the comments and let me hear it.

Nick Pearson
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