Ocarina of Time’s castle courtyard has been recreated in Animal Crossing

Ocarina of Time Animal Crossing castle courtyard

Another day, another fan recreation! Ever since Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched, fans have been using its terraforming feature to reshape their islands into iconic locales from popular games and shows. Earlier this week, we shared a fan build of a dungeon inspired by the Zelda franchise, but today we have a more specific homage. Twitter user penpen has crafted the castle courtyard from Ocarina of Time, re-imagining the scene where Link first met Zelda. You can check it out below!

Ocarina of Time castle courtyard in Animal Crossing

Ah, this brings back fond memories.  Everything is laid out pretty much exactly as I remember it, with barrels, hedges, fountains, and statues all in the proper place. We even get to see Princess Zelda at the end! It’s about as close to Ocarina of Time as you can get using Animal Crossing assets. That said, it may become even better in the future. The build’s creator hopes to add more details, including some representation of the soldiers, in the future.


Ben Lamoreux
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