Better together: Ocarina of Time fans mod online co-op into legendary title


Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest titles in The Legend of Zelda series. It’s critically acclaimed, adored by fans, and a landmark game that helped shaped every 3D adventure title that came after. There is one thing I bet never crossed a gamer’s mind, though: What would Ocarina of Time be like if it had online cooperative play? Thanks to a group of Zelda devotees, the answer to that question no one asked will soon be upon the gaming world.

I hope Nintendo’s lawyers stay away from this

The modded co-op project, named OoT Online, runs on a server which hosts multiple players simultaneously. The goal is to have up to 15 Links running around Hyrule Field at the same time, but right now there is only footage of two.

Take a look at the fruits of the modders’ labor below:

This looks like it can be a lot of fun! One caveat to that feeling of delight: Competent allies. Not to say playing with someone new to the Zelda series would be catastrophic. However, great communication will be key to adventuring and dungeoning through Hyrule together.

OoT Online is an ambitious project that I hope becomes quite successful. The modding team is already pondering a player vs. player mode, in addition to that 15 Link dream, which both sound delightful. Granted, I never thought of Ocarina of Time as anything more than a single-player-only affair. Nevertheless, seeing this project in its early stages has piqued my interest.

I have two hopes. One, that Nintendo allows this collaboration to flourish. Two, PvP becomes a reality. What fun is a multiplayer Zelda game without the ability to scorch, stab, and bludgeon your friends?

Enthusiasts, what do you make of this project? Are you on board for a brand new experience with the beloved Ocarina of Time? Please let us know your feelings below!

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