Nyakuza Metro DLC for A Hat in Time coming soon to Switch

A Hat in Time Nyakuza Metro DLC

The road to release on Nintendo Switch has been a long one for indie 3D platforming darling A Hat in Time. A couple of years have passed since the game first released, crash landing on PC and later making waves with launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This Friday, it will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch, as will the previously confirmed Seal the Deal DLC. Now, though, we have word that the Nyakuza Metro DLC will also arrive on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in May of this year, the massive Nyakuza Metro DLC for A Hat in Time will make its way onto the Nintendo Switch sometime soon. Although a specific release date isn’t set in stone yet, everything from the original release of the expansion is set to arrive on the Switch version of the game.

The Nyakuza Metro expansion includes an all-new chapter of the campaign, complete with new collectibles, costumes, unlockables, and more to experience. A new Baseball Bat weapon lets you slug it out with your enemies, while accessory flairs like the NyakuzaMask and Burger Cap let you customize your character even more than before.

There’s also a new Sticker system included in Nyakuza Metro. Collect them over the course of the campaign and slap them onto walls, decorate your weapons, use them in Camera mode, or even toss ’em up as emotes.

It isn’t clear if the Online Party feature, which launched alongside Nyakuza Metro and is included with purchase of the DLC on other consoles, will come to Nintendo Switch. The feature lets up to 50 players roam around in the game together to complete puzzles and collect items.

There’s plenty more stuff included in Nyakuza Metro. Fans will be able to experience it all when the DLC arrives for A Hat in Time on Nintendo Switch sometime soon.

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