NPD: Nintendo Switch and Skyward Sword HD top the July sales charts

npd skyward sword sales charts

The NPD Group has just released its data for the month of July, highlighting hardware, software, and accessory sales in the US. As usual, Mat Piscatella has been breaking down all the highlights on Twitter, and it was a great month for Nintendo. That includes strong sales for Nintendo Switch, Skyward Sword HD, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and more!

Skyward Sword HD tops the sales charts

Strong momentum continues for Nintendo Switch, as it was the top-selling console in the US in terms of units sold. PlayStation 5 edged it out in total dollars for July, but Switch leads in both units and dollars on the year as a whole. Overall, spending on gaming hardware in the US was up 98% over last year, making it the most lucrative July since 2008.

Nintendo fared even better when it came to software with three games in the top four. Skyward Sword HD sales topped the charts a decade after its initial launch on Wii. Monster Hunter Stories 2 came in third, and its launch sales more than tripled the lifetime sales of its predecessor. Even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game that launched four years ago (or seven if we’re counting the Wii U version) came in fourth place.

Just for good measure, Nintendo also took home a W in the accessories column. The Skyward Sword HD Edition Joy-Con was the number one accessory in terms of dollars sales. Its evergreen status just won’t go away!


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