NPD: Metroid Dread sales smash the series record for the first month

Metroid Dread sales

2D Metroid is back and better than ever! Nearly two decades after Fusion, Metroid Dread has brought the influential series back into the spotlight in a big way. It launched to critical acclaim, and we previously reported that it set new franchise sales records in Japan. Thanks to the latest NPD Group data drop from Mat Piscatella, we now know it’s doing the same in the US. According to his report, Metroid Dread sales smashed the franchise record for the first month in the US.

Metroid Dread sales in the US

Metroid Dread debuted at number three on the US October sales charts, trailing Far Cry 6 and Back 4 Blood. Its first month retail sales (dollar amount) were nearly double that of Metroid Prime, the previous record-holder. Metroid Prime would go on to sell 2.84 million, the current best for the series. It will be interesting to see if Metroid Dread sales have enough momentum to surpass its GameCube predecessor. Nintendo Switch is certainly a more popular console, and many Switch games have enjoyed strong sales months after launch.

Nintendo has also been taking good steps to keep Metroid Dread sales strong. Two weeks after launch, they put out a free Metroid Dread demo on Switch eShop to entice players on the fence. Last week they also put out a History of 2D Metroid video to catch newcomers up on the franchise’s lore.

Update: Thanks to a Doug Bowser quote in a Verge article, we now have a more clear picture of Metroid Dread‘s first month sales in the US. It sold  854,000 units, which Bowser affirms as “the best start for any Metroid game ever.” Thanks to Famitsu’s data, we also know it has sold 128,257 physical copies in Japan.

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