Nowhere Studios\’ Black and White Dystopian \’Monochroma\’ Hits Kickstart Goal

Nowhere Studios has managed to create a world set in the 1950’s where everything is dismal, and you, as the player, must face that lone, dark, and dreary world while caring for your younger brother.  The game, which has reached its Kickstart goal of $80,000, is called Monochroma and is a platform style adventure where you take on obstacles and solve puzzles while traversing through what’s called an industrial-alchemic world.  Creative Director Orcun Nisli described the game more in detail likening it to being on a playground.

\”Platformer games are about our childhood.  What we do in a platformer is what we used to do as children playing at the playground.  In Monochroma, I try to celebrate everyone’s childhood by setting the tutorial at a playground.  It was my way of saying, \’thanks\’ to all the developers that carry childhood memories within and keep the genre alive,\” said Nisli.

The storyline puts the player into the shoes of an older brother who must care for his younger brother who injured his leg.  That in turn leads to having to juggle the younger brother carefully riding piggyback, because you can\’t run fast or jump, or otherwise that would lead to one or both brothers getting injured or killed.  Unfortunately, most of the puzzles are in lit areas which darken pretty fast and when it gets dark your younger brother gets scared and you can\’t turn and leave him behind.

The game is mostly physic-based and has four chapters with 60+ puzzles and a whopping 6-hour single player campaign.  Players can find hidden flowers in each level if they choose to lengthen game play.

Monochroma is set to launch later in the year for PC, Wii U, PS4, and possibly Xbox One.

What do you think of Monochroma? Is it another great indie game worth the Wii U’s seal of approval?

Tom Stovall