Nostalgia: Lego announces a new set based on Super Mario 64

Lego Super Mario 64

Nintendo properties fit together nicely with Lego products. Whether it be a concept or a reality, sets are often wonderous to the eye. Lego and Nintendo are combining forces once more, as the two companies announced a nostalgic set from 1996. The buildable Lego Super Mario 64? Block will be available on October 1 and contain four locations from the iconic video game.

This Lego Super Mario 64 set is a thing of beauty

Check out a video of the set in motion below:

Mighty Max, eat your heart out.

As you can see, the giant ? Block unfolds to reveal Peach’s Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool, Cool Mountain, and Lethal Lava Trouble. Bob-omb Battlefield and Lethal Lava Trouble are the highlights. I mean, do you see the tiny King Bob-omb and Mr. I? They are adorable!

While this set isn’t as detailed as others in the Nintendo line, the aesthetic is still pleasing. Plus, more memories of Super Mario 64 are a good thing.

You’ll be able to purchase the product here on October 1 for $169.99. Not too bad for something so extravagant.

Enthusiasts, will you be buying the Lego Super Mario 64 set? Let us know your plans with a comment down below.


Arthur Damian
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