NOA announces Nintendo Switch Digital Deals, goes live the day of Direct

Nintendo Switch Digital Deals

E3 2021 is almost upon us! Starting tomorrow, gamers the world over will begin seeing trailers for games that are coming to their consoles in the near future. One conference we are particularly excited about is Nintendo’s. The company is holding a Direct on June 15, which is sure to have some awesome announcements. In celebration, the Big N is holding a Switch eShop sale the same day. Right after the Direct, the Nintendo Switch Digital Deals event will go live.

I hope the Digital Deals include both first party and third party titles

Here’s the official tweet announcing the sale, straight from Nintendo of America:

It’s a pity Nintendo didn’t share more information. Still, “savings on hundreds of games” is enough to pique anyone’s interest. I just hope you all have massive SD cards to house the digital games that will be available for a pittance. And hey, maybe we will get more details closer to Tuesday!

Enthusiasts, are you looking to take part in the Nintendo Switch Digital Deals event? What Nintendo Switch games are you hoping to see slashed in price? Or are you like me and prefer to get your titles via the physical route? Let us know in the comment field below!


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