No one is talking about how funny Luigi’s Mansion 3 is | Hands-on reaction

Luigi's Mansion 3 hotel puzzles

I knew Luigi’s Mansion 3 would be great, but I was not prepared to be blown away by it at E3 2019. The game focuses more on action than ever before, and there’s still plenty of puzzles and secrets to look forward to. Here is our immediate reaction after going hands-on with the upcoming “2019” title. For more videos like this, go subscribe to the Nintendo Enthusiast YouTube channel.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 gives us a more aggressive Luigi as he literally slams his enemies around the different spooky areas of the game. Seriously, I think he’s had enough of ghosts. To add to that, the environments are actually affected by the chaos. There are tons of breakable items and furniture that will crumble by the force of Luigi’s vicious body slam. It’s quite shocking and hysterical. At the end of the E3 demo, the game threw in some awesome action sequences. It seems like Luigi’s Mansion 3 will put more emphasis on action overall, more akin to a mainline Super Mario title. I think the inclusion of faster-paced gameplay segments combined with the puzzles and mysteries the series is known for could bring the franchise to greater heights.

Switch created new possibilities

Over the years, Luigi has become quite the comedic character, and it seems more than ever Nintendo is leaning into that with Luigi’s Mansion 3. He’s more expressive than ever and constantly had me smiling throughout the E3 demo. And not just Luigi, a few other characters I saw during my demo also had me chuckling. I suspect there are lots of funny moments to come in the full release (at least, I hope).


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is able to give us such rich comedic moments thanks to the Nintendo Switch hardware. It allows Nintendo to create highly detailed and hilarious face emotes for the first time. Not just the character models are a huge step up from previous installments, though. The world of Luigi’s Mansion 3 also impressed at E3 2019. Not only was the E3 demo running flawlessly (unlike Link’s Awakening), but the environments were a treat to explore. This game is bigger, prettier, and full of secrets. Every time I stepped into a new room I immediately started searching for secrets and the game really captured that sense of mystery.

Gooigi (a flubber version of Luigi) adds a whole new dynamic to the gameplay, comedy, and puzzles. Taking turns controlling both Luigi and Gooigi, you’ll need to utilize both of their abilities to conquer Luigi’s Mansion 3’s ghoul-filled hotel. Gooigi should allow more intricate puzzles than ever before. I’m eager to see how this gimmick pays off in the full release.

My time was limited with the game during E3 2019, but based on what I played, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was easily the biggest surprise of E3 this year.

My hope

One of my hopes for Luigi’s Mansion 3 that wasn’t really touched on in the E3 demo is some actual spooky moments. I know, this is a game aimed toward a younger crowd, but that didn’t stop the original from scaring nine-year-old me. Plus, I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility, as we just saw a seriously bizarre section of Yoshi’s Crafted World. And that game wasn’t even ‘spooky’-themed!

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All signs are pointing to Luigi’s Mansion 3 being something very special. Are you looking forward to the game? Do you plan on picking it up day one? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

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