No More SNES Classic Controller Wii?

This week we noticed a small but important change on Club Nintendo’s European Stars Catalogues. One of the best rewards, the SNES Classic Controller for the Wii, was not listed anymore among the other goodies.

We reached out to the German Club Nintendo support service to see if this removal is permanent or just an out of stock case:

\”When and if the SNES Classic Controller will ever be available again on our catalogue is something that we don\’t know at this moment.\”

So it seems that there is no clear information about the future of the availability of this rare controller. The SNES Classic Controller was perfectly suited for playing on the Wii’s Virtual Console and was very popular among gamers. It’s \”price\” was nevertheless pretty high (7,000 stars) and that made it a hard-to-get reward.

Another interesting thing about this removal is the fact that the Mario Kart Mushroom Trophy has also dissappeared from the listings this week.


Could it be just a coincidence or a simple matter of stock? Or is Nintendo preparing new entries for the European Stars Catalogue now that the E3 is getting closer? We\’ ll let you know when we get an update on this story in the following weeks.

Hektor Apostolopoulos