No More Heroes 3 gameplay video shows off some slicing and dicing

No More Heroes 3

A short No More Heroes 3 gameplay video has surfaced, courtesy of Perfectly Nintendo on YouTube. The video showcases two brutal sword attacks: the Slash and the Death Blow. Watch Travis Touchdown in all of his slashing, death-blowing glory in the video directly below.

While this isn’t too deep of a look into the gameplay and combat for No More Heroes 3, what we have on display here still appears to be pretty darn fun – just as you’d expect from this series. The melee combat looks fluid, punchy, and satisfying, and I bet that with a full moveset (rather than the two sword tricks demonstrated in the video), the combat becomes even more varied and enjoyable.

Set for release this AugustNo More Heroes 3 will hopefully catapult the series into the mainstream with a successful Switch launch. The game looks quite excellent so far, and marks a long-awaited return to form for a series that has not had a traditional release (Travis Strikes Again was more of a spin-off) in almost a decade. We haven’t seen a ton so far, but what we have gotten to feast our eyes on looks quite exciting.

Are you excited for No More Heroes 3? Will you be picking it up on release? Let us know how you feel about the game in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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