No More Heroes 3 trailer shows Toilet Rescue and Lawn Mowing jobs

No More Heroes 3

A new No More Heroes 3 trailer from Marvelous shows some of the less glamorous ways for you to earn cash in the game: part-time jobs. In this trailer specifically, you can see the “Toilet Rescue” and “Lawn Mowing” jobs in action. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of the Perfectly Nintendo YouTube channel.

It turns out that the hero-busting business isn’t all fame and pummeling cocky aliens. In fact, the most fearsome monsters in No More Heroes 3 may stem from somewhere entirely different than outer space, if that long stretch of toilet jockeying is anything to go by.

No More Heroes 3 looks like it is coming along quite well. While this trailer might not showcase the game’s enticing combat or deplorable bosses quite so eloquently, it does show the wide range of goofy activities and adventures that you can have within the game.

Are you excited for No More Heroes 3? How do you feel about the series in general? Are you planning on picking up the game when it launches on Switch on August 27? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below, and keep on checking Nintendo Enthusiast for all of the No More Heroes 3 updates you’ll ever need.

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