No More Heroes 3 gets an August 2021 release date and new trailer

No More Heroes 3 August release date Nintendo Switch Grasshopper Manufacture

Nintendo and Grasshopper Manufacture have revealed that No More Heroes 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch with a release date of Aug. 27, per the Nintendo Direct, and a new trailer shows off some more story and game details. As we’ve learned from past trailers, aliens have invaded Earth (in a sort of hilarious evil E.T. scenario), and they’ve annihilated an entire city.

Now the aliens are hosting “an intergalactic superhero ranking tournament to decide Earth’s fate,” and it’s up to Travis Touchdown to take the aliens down a peg in No More Heroes 3. But to enter the tournament, you’ll need money. Some of the odd jobs you’ll be doing this time around to earn money apparently include mining and mowing lawns. Travis Touchdown will have an upgraded Death Glove that can access assorted “deadly skills” that can be customized and upgraded, and the No More Heroes 3 trailer shows off some references to other games, such as a very Final Fantasy-looking scene involving blue menus.

A No More Heroes 3 release date has been a long time coming, as the game was originally announced at E3 2019. It’s been seen largely only in glimpses since then, aside from its memorable Game Awards 2019 anime trailer that introduced the unlikely antagonist.

John Friscia
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