Goichi Suda optimistic about No More Heroes 3 after Travis Strikes Again release

No More Heroes

I, like many others, am more excited about the prospect of a No More Heroes 3 than I am about the release of Travis Strikes Again. Thankfully, during an interview with Game Informer, Goichi “Suda51” Suda provided some hope on the numbered sequel’s chances of getting made.

The story of Travis Strikes Again’s inception

Speaking with the publication at PAX West, Suda reminisced about the history behind Travis Strikes Again. He revealed Nintendo approached him about bringing Travis back to its consoles after a Wii U no-show, a few months before the Switch reveal event. After the Big N showed him and his team the Joy-Cons detaching, they decided a co-op game for the system would be a no-brainer.

The million dollar question(s)

Suda was then asked why Travis Strikes Again wasn’t named No More Heroes 3. Explaining that the game is a part of the No More Heroes universe but not the next game in the series, he said:

“I wanted to make something like an indie game. The kind of game where you look around the room and you can see everyone on the team at once. I wanted to make a game like that without too big of a team.

Makes sense: the Nintendo Switch has become a hotbed for indies, and I can’t blame Suda for getting in on the action.

Game Informer then pressed Suda on whether No More Heroes 3 is ever going to become a reality. He responded:

“Yeah, I’d really want to. Those kinds of projects are hard to think about when you’re deep into another game. But Travis Strikes Again is one part of the No More Heroes story, it’s not the end of it.

It looks like Suda wants to give Travis Strikes Again all of his attention before committing to No More Heroes 3. If he’s free to pursue the sequel after the spinoff launches, then the future of No More Heroes is looking very bright.

Travis Strikes Again launches January 18 of next year, with No More Heroes 3 releasing god knows when. Is anyone picking up the spinoff or eagerly awaiting the full-blown sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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