No More Heroes 3 delayed to 2021 on Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes 3 delayed 2021 Nintendo Switch Goichi Suda Suda51 Grasshopper Manufacture Darick Robertson illustrations artist The Boys

The season of delays continues. Game designer Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, has announced that he and Grasshopper Manufacture are delaying the release of No More Heroes 3 to 2021. In a familiar story, “the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately proven to be a real body blow to our schedule, causing unforeseen delays in development.” Grasshopper Manufacture has since sorted itself out, but in order to “prioritize quality,” it is pushing back the game’s release date.

Also, randomly, comic book artist Darick Robertson will now be providing illustrations for No More Heroes 3. Robertson has worked on assorted comic book properties, but as Suda51 notes, you may know him from his work on The Boys, which currently has an Amazon adaptation on the air.

Suda51 has offered some joking teases of No More Heroes 3 in the past several months, but the last time we got a long and satisfying look at the game was actually last December during The Game Awards 2019, where a crazy five-minute anime trailer with an evil E.T. was unveiled. Grasshopper Manufacture fans are really hungry for more of this game, and, well, the starvation is going to continue.

Fortunately, we have a bunch of other major Switch games releasing this holiday season all of a sudden, including Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and (barring more delays) Bravely Default II.


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