No More Heroes 3 trailers introduces the game’s bosses

No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 is one of the most anticipated upcoming titles on Switch, and every new screenshot, interview, and trailer only feeds that hype train. Today, Nintendo UK is doing its part to stoke us up with a brand new trailer that showcases the ten alien heroes that Travis Touchdown will face off against in No More Heroes 3. You can check out the YouTube video here – normally, we’d just embed it for you, but this one is age-restricted and thus has to be viewed on the site.

The alien heroes on display in the trailer seem like the perfect mix of power and cockiness. I am nearly certain that slicing and dicing them to bits will be one of the most satisfying game experiences in all of 2021.

Are you excited for No More Heroes 3? So far, the game looks excellent. It has been far too long since its predecessors, so every drip of info we get on the game just makes me hungrier to play it. The gameplay looks frantic, high-energy, and fun, and the game’s story and characters are sure to please with a lethal dose of eccentricity and over-the-top antics. All in all, I’m quite excited for No More Heroes 3, and its August 27 release date cannot get here soon enough.

Nick Pearson
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