No, Astral Chain doesn’t ‘need’ to be on platforms other than Switch

Astral Chain does not need to be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC

The internet has done a pretty good job of making people realize nothing’s off-limits from critique. Everything from classics you might’ve loved since childhood to new things like the latest title from Platinum Games, Astral Chain. Someone somewhere has a complaint about something. And the internet provides a megaphone for anyone to voice an opinion — for better or worse. 

The “worse” comes in the form of a movement to discredit damn near anything by hateful internet mobs, solely for the purpose to wreak havoc. They are the people online that simply want to watch the world burn and then slowly inhale its smoky ashes. Their goal is to bring negativity to the party. A party to which they weren’t invited in the first place.

Friends in low places: Astral Chain edition

The problem in this instance is where a game was egregiously review bombed by people on Metacritic. Yes, it’s almost infuriating. It would be even more maddening if I cared enough to give those people the time of day or acknowledge they were indeed making an impact or change perceptions on exactly why Astral Chain deserves to be played outside of a Nintendo console. 

Astral Chain does not need to be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC
It should be noted that Metacritic subsequently removed many of these bogus reviews.

I do understand that there is a select group of individuals on the internet that care about a game purely based on how good it looks. And in some cases, that’s what might drive me to a franchise or experience found only on that specific platform. I say that as an owner of a fairly beefy gaming PC, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 (standard), and of course Nintendo Switch. 

Appreciation for the platform

I recently picked up Platinum Games’ latest beat-’em-up/brawler/role-playing game. There is a lot packaged into the new IP. Most importantly, the visual style and mechanics that I’ve seen so far work perfectly on the Nintendo console, as they should. But the one thing that I can’t imagine is Astral Chain existing elsewhere. It was created specifically for the console in an agreement between Platinum Games and Nintendo. So, no, it doesn’t need to exist outside of that because you’re crying for it. 

Astral Chain does not need to be on other platforms

If anything, the review bombing on Metacritic has provided Platinum Games the perfect argument against publishing it on other platforms. I mean, if the people demanding and review bombing the game are PlayStation 4 players, for example, then why port a game to such a toxic community who has overtly communicated its toxicity? Granted, this doesn’t speak for the entire PlayStation community, but it does what the bombing has intended: It sends a message to developers. 

In this case, it’s made fans on other platforms look like complete jerks. 

If you already own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or any other gaming platform, consider the actions of what you’ve done by partaking in negative review bombing. It sends a false message to the developer and communicates something that isn’t representative of the community at large. 

Charitable donations, anyone?

But please, continue to express how you’ve been wronged, disrespected, left out. Maybe through that complaining and keyboard tapping, you realize that you need to take a walk outside for a moment and breathe some fresh air. Or maybe, you discover a local food bank to volunteer at, or maybe offer assistance to a local charity

These are all real things you can be doing. These are all beneficial to real people. Because what you’re doing click-clacking behind your computer screen is nothing more than an annoyance for the other people out there playing Astral Chain

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