No American Nightmare: Rating for Alan Wake Remastered Switch appears

Alan Wake Remastered Switch

Remedy Entertainment is no stranger to Switch. Its latest video game, Control, managed to launch on the console through the power of cloud delivery. It was somewhat surprising, then, when Alan Wake Remastered wasn’t announced for Nintendo’s latest system. Surely, cloud delivery could handle an updated Xbox 360 title? According to the Brazil Advisory Rating Board, it can. A rating for Alan Wake Remastered on Switch popped up on the website today.

Not a fan of cloud streaming, so I won’t be playing Alan Wake Remastered on Switch

Here’s a screenshot of the webpage’s information:

Alan Wake Remastered Switch

As you can see, there is a game listing for Nintendo Switch. Neither Remedy Entertainment nor Epic Games have announced a Switch version. But, if the companies can bring Control to the hybrid console, I can’t see why they couldn’t bring Alan Wake Remastered, too. Though, I suppose the title would have to be streamed due to all the enhancements the port is receiving. Regardless, take all of this information with a big grain of salt.

Enthusiasts, what do you think? Is a version of Alan Wake Remastered for Switch inevitable? Or was today’s rating simply an error? Let us know your thoughts below.

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