Check out this awesome Sonic game demo that Sega rejected

Nitrome Sonic the Hedgehog game demo Sega rejected it veto no mobile Super Leap Day wall hugging sliding

Nitrome is a British game developer that has made truckloads of games for the web and mobile devices, but it might at the moment be best known for iOS game Super Leap Day, sequel to Leap Day. The gimmick of those games is that you get a new platforming challenge to conquer every day. And recently, Nitrome revealed that it had “a long time ago” pitched Sega a Sonic the Hedgehog game in the vein of Leap Day, creating a demo to go with it. Unfortunately, Sega “did not see the potential” in the Nitrome Sonic game demo and rejected it, but Nitrome has at least shared a video of the demo for the first time.

Basically, it’s auto-running vertical Sonic the Hedgehog, with a wall-hugging/sliding feature added that gives it a slight Mega Man X or Celeste vibe. And it looks pretty fun overall! Had the game moved forward, it would’ve provided a daily dose of Sonic platforming. Although, some parts of it don’t necessarily look or feel as speedy as one would typically expect from a Sonic game.

While Sega may have rejected this Sonic the Hedgehog demo from Nitrome, you can still get some of this flavor of gameplay if you play Leap Day and its sequel. However, Nitrome would still love to make this Sonic game with Sega.

In other Sonic news, a cut cinematic intro to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood has recently been shared online for the first time, and Sonic Frontiers will be maintaining the usual voice cast.


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