NIS time loop adventure Asatsugutori shows off investigation & evasion gameplay

NIS adventure game Asatsugutori gameplay detailed in a new trailer

NIS has released a new trailer for its upcoming “time loop exploration adventure” game Asatsugutori that details its gameplay and systems.

Asatsugutori protagonist Hibari wakes up trapped in a building with seven other girls. The girls are told from a voice through a speaker that only one of them who survives until the end will get to leave the building and suggests they work together to live as long as possible. It even mentions the possibility of using magic, should they work hard enough.

The mysterious communal life continues for a few days until an incident finally occurs. However, shortly after the incident, Hibari wakes up at the start of the previous day, and the girl who died is still alive. That’s when she discovers that she has some kind of ability to rewind time and decides to use it to protect everyone there.

As the Asatsugutori trailer outlines, gameplay features two parts, the investigation part and the incident evasion part. The investigation part starts right when Hibari wakes up at the start of the day. During this phase, you play as Hibari in real time and search for information and evidence of the incident. You can also speak to the victim to see if you can find out more about what’s about to happen. Once you have enough info, it moves into the incident evasion part. This part involves using all of the information from the previous part to prevent the incident from ever happening.

Watch the Asatsugutori gameplay systems trailer below:

Asatsugutori will release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 25, 2021. You can read more about the story and gameplay in our previous report.