Nippon Ichi Software’s new game countdown teaser website shows a pocket watch

Nippon Ichi new game countdown teaser website shows a pocket watch

Nippon Ichi Software has kicked off a new teaser website with a countdown for a new game, and so far, the only clue we have is a pocket watch. The website doesn’t have any further information or hints for the name. It does show the words for “three days remaining” in Japanese, so at least the wait won’t be that long, whatever it ends up being.

If it’s one thing that Nippon Ichi Software loves, it is its teaser websites and countdowns, and we have both for the latest new game teaser. The NIS teasers are usually pretty obvious whenever it involves the Disgaea series, so it probably won’t be from the strategy RPG series. Detective work and time-traveling definitely come to mind whenever we see a pocket watch, so there’s hope for something like a Tantei Bokumetsu or Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper sequel.

If we go with the time-traveling route, it could also end up being a sequel to Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelerswhich had a theme centered around time traveling and clocks. However, since Destiny Connect had a poor launch with less than 2,700 units sold in its Japanese debut, it probably won’t see a sequel anytime soon. NIS also recently released a time loop adventure game called Asatsugutori in Japan last month, so that one might have a better chance.

In any case, it won’t be long until we find out whatever this mystery pocket watch game from Nippon Ichi Software is when the countdown ends on the website in less than three days.