NintendoTVii Announced

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Tivo all in one place? Yes please!…


Nintendo today announced a new Wii U feature during their Wii U preview event in New York. The said feature is quite awkwardly called \”Nintendo TVii\”. Get it? Of course you do, but surely your cringing as well aren\’t you?

Nintendo TVii features Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime all in one place. This app, or perhaps channel, even features a Tivo system of recording your favourite shows! You can view them via your TV or GamePad (a.k.a on the toilet). Whilst browsing you\’ll be able to search for a specific show or actor/actress and the results will even include Netflix results. Netflix was previously announced at E3 for the Wii U.


This feature has only been announced for North America so far, but similar features may be announced for other territories later on.