Check out Nintendo’s spectacular PAX Australia booth

PAX Australia Nintendo

Nintendo has really gone all out this year with their booth at PAX Australia. The company flips between two modes for convention-based advertising, either a minimal presence or a maximum push. That means they either keep off the show floor and use a video presentation instead, or they go big with the props.

PAX Australia Nintendo

Nintendo’s going big at PAX Australia

This, obviously, is an example of a maximum push. That push, of course, being for their Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Pikachu! versions coming out this November. Nintendo has been going wild with marketing moves for these upcoming games, especially with GameStop. Tons of pictures have surfaced from different sources and all I can say is Poké-Wow! Unfortunately, I didn’t go to PAX Australia, but now I wish I had. (Luckily, another one of our staff is there right now.)

What exactly are the booths?

PAX Australia Nintendo and Pokémon: Let’s Go Initial Trailer on Youtube

For the minority that doesn’t understand what this booth is supposed to be, they’re buildings from the Pokémon games. More specifically, this is how the Pokémart and Pokémon Center look in the upcoming Switch title. It’s a smart idea on Nintendo’s part, from a marketing standpoint. Conventions have always been a great place to promote your game with props, and building a few cardboard houses isn’t going to break the bank.

Is that their only booth?

But that’s not the only spectacle Nintendo was flaunting. The innovative titans also used some of their space to promote Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The front part of their booth isn’t anything mind-blowing. But it is a very elegant use of their space. There’s a large number of demo stations, with art hung in every corner.

PAX Australia Nintendo

Now if you’re a Nintendo fan, I’m positive you’ve seen the absurdly huge art Nintendo’s been using to show off just how many characters are in this game. You know, the one that’s incredibly long and has all the fighters in a faux group-shot? Well, a banner of it spans the entire back of their booth.

If this booth is an indicator of how spectacular PAX Australia is going to be, then I can’t wait for future updates.

Overall, it just goes to show that Nintendo is confident that both Pokémon: Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are going to do well with the amount they’re putting into advertising.

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