Nintendo will hold an Indie World Showcase tomorrow

indie world showcase

The year is almost over, but Nintendo has just enough time to squeeze in one last Direct-style livestream. It won’t be a full Nintendo Direct with AAA announcements, but sometimes it’s nice to focus on the little guys. Indie games are usually a pleasant break from Nintendo’s standard lineup, and they’re typically much cheaper too. If you can get behind that sentiment, you’ll be happy to know we’re getting an Indie World Showcase tomorrow, December 15.

Nintendo announces Indie World Showcase

Tomorrow’s Indie World Showcase will last for approximately 20 minutes, focusing on upcoming indie games on Nintendo Switch. It kicks off at 9:00 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern and will be livestreamed on YouTube. We’ll be hosting our own livestream coverage of the event and writing up all the exciting news as it breaks. Check in tomorrow to catch all that hottest indie news!

Dreaming big

So what should we expect from the Indie World Showcase? These events are usually packed with all kinds of creative projects from small-time developers, many of whom are newcomers. That said, it’s always excited when a proven indie team comes back for more. It’s been quite a while since we saw an update on Sports Story from Sidebar Games. And as a big Metroidvania fan, I’m fully ready to don my clown mask and hope for Silksong news that will never come. Won’t you join me?


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