Underrated Nintendo Wii games that deserve a second life on Switch

The Nintendo Wii received a slew of great games. However, there are a handful of amazing experiences that not a lot of people got around to playing. Today, I wanted to talk about some hidden Wii gems that deserve a second chance at life on the Nintendo Switch. Want to see more of our videos? Be sure to go hit that subscribe button for video reviews and features!

The Last Story

The first game I want to talk about is The Last Story. This game was sort of the swan song for the Nintendo Wii. It came out at the very end of the console’s lifecycle. It wasn’t long after that when the Wii U launched. So a lot of people missed out on this incredible action-RPG, especially in the United States.

One thing that a lot Japenese role-playing games catch flack for is their convoluted stories and unrelatable characters. And that’s where The Last Story impresses the most. The game features interesting and intriguing characters with backstories that are fun to learn about. The game also offers side-quests that are a joy to complete. Not only that, but the main story will actually sink its claws into you. Don’t be surprised if you jump into The Last Story and are actually enamored with the world, character, and story.

What’s unique about The Last Story is that it’s a more linear experience in comparison to today’s RPGs and JRPGs. While most games nowadays feature vast lands to explore in, The Last Story is a linear game. That’s pretty rare for a JRPG. While there isn’t really a sense of exploration, you’re given smaller compact areas that were thoughtfully crafted. And because of that, each new area looks wildly different from the last; with side-quests and objectives aplenty. The fact that this is a JRPG that offers a linear experience is a nice change of pace in the genre and I wish more games today were the same. Not everyone has a hundred hours to dedicate themselves to these types of games but they still might want to dabble in the genre. The Last Story is the answer for those types of gamers. While it may have been hardware constraints that kept the game from having a giant open world, it may have worked to the game’s strengths.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a side-scrolling action beat em’ up that offers RPG elements and a gorgeous art style. Muramasa: Rebirth is arguably the most visually impressive game that ever released on the Nintendo Wii. It didn’t push the hardware as Super Mario Galaxy may have, but rather showcases a gorgeous 2D art-style that will have you in awe from start to finish. Graphics aside, Muramasa: The Demon Blade is equipped with an action-packed adventure, tons of areas to explore, and thousands of baddies to kill.

This choice is sorta cheating because it did get a second chance at life on the PS Vita. However, as I’m sure you know, the Vita didn’t really sell like hotcakes. So a lot of gamers still may have missed out on this spectacular action-RPG. The developer Vanillaware went on to make incredible games like Dragon’s Crown and the fantastic remake of Odin Sphere. With the upcoming release of the studio’s next game, 13 Sentinal Aegis Rim (only on PS4/Vita), I think it would be awesome of them to bring Muramasa to Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation Vita version of Muramasa (Muramasa: Rebirth), came packed with new content. It would be great if Vanillaware included that in the Switch version. I have a feeling that we’re going to see this game on Switch sooner or later because these are the type of experiences that are currently thriving on Nintendo Switch. I can’t recommend this title enough, as it’s one of my favorite Wii games that ever released. If you still have a Wii or Wii U you should definitely pick it up, if you can find a physical copy.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

The last game I wanted to talk about is Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. This is a game that no one really expected to come to the west. Mainly because the original Sin& Punishment for N64 only released in Japan. We didn’t get an American version of the original until it finally hit the Wii U virtual console a few years ago.

What I am ashamed to admit is that I didn’t get around to playing Sin & Punishment: Star Successor until just a few months ago. What may surprise you is that Sin & Punishment is a series published by Nintendo. The main character actually pops up as a trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series. It boggles my mind that this series hasn’t really caught fire in the west considering how action-heavy and cinematic the games are. It’s a series unlike anything Nintendo has ever done.

If you don’t know how the gameplay works, let me explain a little bit. What’s really odd, yet awesome, about Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is that the gameplay is on rails but it doesn’t really feel like it is. You have full control of your character with the left stick. As the environments change around you, you can choose to fly, run, and do melee attacks on nearby enemies. Aside from that, it’s all motion controlled. Of course, the original wasn’t on the N64, but on the Wii, it works out great. This is a motion-controlled game that would work out wonderfully on the Nintendo Switch. As you know, the Switch has gyro functionality. So this game seems like it could be ported over without hassle. I’m no game developer though, so don’t hold me to that.

As I said before, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is full of cinematic moments. These explosive set-pieces really push the Wii hardware. The original Sin & Punishment was also super impressive for an N64 title. I would love to see these games up-resed to HD on Switch and playing better than ever. The game is nonstop adrenaline from start to finish. You’ll constantly be impressed with the action and pacing of the game. As I said before, I didn’t play Sin & Punishment: Star Successor until recently and It holds up splendidly in 2018.

Those are the three Wii hidden gems I wanted to talk about, but be sure to let me know which Wii games you think deserve a second life on the Nintendo Switch. Leave your thoughts below or join the discussion over on our Facebook page!

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