Nintendo was the most-seen gaming brand on TV by far in February

nintendo-most-seen-gaming-brand-switch-my-way advertising

A recent report has shown that Nintendo was the most-seen gaming brand on TV in February 2020. The data comes from VentureBeat, who has teamed up with the always-on TV ad measurement platform The report shows the top five gaming brands ranked by their estimated national TV advertising spend.


Most-seen gaming brand by spending on ads

As you can see, Nintendo was the biggest spender by far, making them the most seen gaming brand. The company is estimated to have spent $11.4 million. That spending paid for nine advertisements that ran more that 1,200 times throughout the month. Those advertisements generated an estimated 433 million TV ad impressions. Nintendo’s biggest outlay was their “Switch My Way: Catching Up” advertisement, which ran during the Super Bowl. It’s estimated that the company blew nearly half of all their ad spending for the month, $5.7 million, on this one video.

In addition to the Super Bowl, American Dad and South Park were the top programs that advertisements were shown during. Nintendo’s huge spending on advertising comes after the Christmas lull period. At this early point in the year, companies are usually spending less on TV ads given the huge expenditure that they make over the holiday period. We’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo tops this in March, particularly with Animal Crossing: New Horizons launching very soon.


Jamie Sharp
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