Nintendo UK kicks off its new Labo-themed YouTube series

The UK branch of Nintendo has released the first episode of its new weekly Labo-themed Youtube series. On the Nintendo Labo UK channel, fans of the cardboard kits can watch hosts Jamie Jo Burns and Tom Burns construct and discover all Labo has to offer. But that is not all, as two other hosts named Frankie and Nimmz partake in various challenges. The show also allows fans and users to email their own Labo creations which may be shared on the show.

The first episode showcases Jamie and Tom putting together objects from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit. After putting together cardboard battlebots, the duo showcased the Toy-Con Motorbike which recently became compatible with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you watch the first episode you will notice Frankie and Nimmz are not in it. But as the trailer below shows, it looks like one of the challenges gets pretty intense.

Another new video featured on the channel is one for the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest. The goal of the contest is to find Europe’s greatest Labo creator. Submissions will be scored on a variety of areas including new Toy-Co design, functionality, and customization. Kids up to the age of 12-years-old can also submit their own ideas and creations in their own category.

Participants have from July 19 to September 7 to submit their cardboard creations on the Nintendo Labo website.

Nick Battaglia
As a gamer with one arm, Nick strives to inform and showcase what it is like to play games from his point-of-view.  While his love for RPG's, fighters, and everything Nintendo is strong, the only thing stronger is his want to become the live-action version of Mega Man. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @MercWithOneArm.