Nintendo UK Announces National StreetPass Day

Nintendo fans in the UK, get your 3DS systems ready! National StreetPass Day is just on the horizon with boatloads of fun, prizes, competition and more at select stations on September 28th.

Special events at Waterloo Station, London, and Manchester Piccadilly Station will be home to a special Nintendo celebration for all 3DS owners in honor of the first ever National StreetPass Day and everything StreetPass. Festivities being at 9am, including exclusive competitions, meet and greet opportunities with Nintendo characters such as Luigi and Pokemon from the new X and Y games. Luigi will make an appearance at the London Waterloo Station, while Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy will arrive at the Manchester Piccadilly StreetPass event.

Nintendo UK will even be bringing StreetPass games to life for everyone to enjoy, such as a giant version of Puzzle Swap. Meanwhile, gamers with a competitive hunger can bring along their A-game for Mario Kart 7 and Luigi’s Mansion 2 tournaments with StreetPass goodie bags as prizes.

Eurogamer Expo 2013 will also have a number of StreetPass Day stands, while The Cycle Show NEC Birmingham will host Mario Kart 7 multiplayer races and Nintendo 3DS demos. Check Nintendo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details on the September 28th celebration.

Dakota Lasky