The Most Underrated Tool, the Secret Weapon of the Sports Fan: Nintendo TVii

Sports fans are some of the most ruthless, hate-spewing people that you will ever meet. I would know, because I am one. My beloved Charlotte Bobcats have been the cause of many hand injuries from punching things, loud screams, and the occasional joy-filled shriek whenever Kemba Walker hits a game winner. I always noticed the Nintendo TVii feature had a \”sports\” category, but I never really invested much interest in it. I regret that now because, after using it the past couple of games, it really is the sports fan’s ultimate companion.

Let me give you an example: The Charlotte Bobcats played division rival Atlanta Hawks last night and I decided to see what Nintendo TVii had to offer me with this game. I simply went to \”Sports,\” chose \”NBA\”, and found my game. I was then greeted to the following image, which was a real treat:

\"tvii4\"What is this fun I have been missing out on?! I quickly chose Kemba Walker in the team-specific poll and then looked around to see what the application offered me. A shot-by-shot breakdown is on the right with a scoreboard and shot chart on the left-hand side. In the far left-hand column, I could choose an individual stat breakdown and scores of other games. Everything was right at my fingertips. After checking out the individual shot charts to see who was hot and who was not in the game, I then ventured out to see what else was offered.

\"tvii6\"A full scoring breakdown greeted me for all the other active games. This is great and essential for keeping up with all the action around the league. As you can see on the far right, each individual play has the ability to add a smiley face emoticon and a comment blurb to either type out or doodle a message to fans of  your team or fans of the opposing team. It adds a sense of community that a simple message forum can\’t offer, because it’s a constantly updated and live breakdown of the game that really catches you in the heat of the moment. The game specific polls are fun, too, because it allows you to voice your opinion to the rest of the world that is enjoying the game. While the Bobcats may have lost that game, I still had a fun time talking with other fans of the NBA about the game via the Nintendo TVii app.

The next day, I watched the Carolina Panthers game and decided to fire up the TVii app again. Football is a slower-paced game and I felt there would be more fan interaction because of the nature of the game and the fact that football is a more popular sport compared to the NBA in the US.

\"tvii3\"The layout is the same as the NBA game was, but the \”Play\” feature on the left-hand side came into play, whereas in the game I watched it did not. A question will come up with an alert noise that has a time limit. The question here was \”Next Play Attempt.\” I didn\’t answer in time and lost out on winning 100 points. Since I\’m a competitive person, I wanted to be sure to answer the next one and get it right! Shortly there after, a new question appeared: Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers had just been sacked and the Atlanta coach threw his challenge flag that it was a fumble. I begged to differ, however, so I made my decision.

\"tvii2\"I determined the ruling on the field would stand. Since I was right, I was rewarded with 100 points. There is a leaderboard feature that shows other people’s prediction rates and their score, so now, my competitive juices were flowing. More questions kept popping up, so I paid close attention and voiced my opinion on the matter by answering. After a series of more correctly answered questions, I was on fire!

\"tvii\"Literally! I was climbing up and dominating the leaderboards. At that moment, I realized what a valuable tool the Nintendo TVii was when watching sports. It truly enhanced the game experience with a constant update on stats from the game I was watching games around the leagues, whether they were the NFL or NBA. The sense of community was fun, because it’s interesting to see what other fans around the league think of situations or moments.

The best thing about the Nintendo TVii app is, even if your TVii is in use by your family or someone else in your household, you can still keep up with the game with this. I know that cell phones and tablets have similar features, but Nintendo TVii allows for more as far as communication and fan participation goes. You can draw a cool image to anger the fans of the opposing team, participate in polls, and climb the leaderboards, or just relax and keep tabs on everything going on in the game.

Sports fans are known for meticulous stat breakdowns and the need for constant knowledge of what is happening in the game. Nintendo TVii turns the GamePad into an interactive tablet for you to follow every play, whether you can watch the game live or not. While used for all sorts of TV shows, I feel that Nintendo TVii is best used when watching your favorite sports game because of the simple fact that sports fans can really benefit from the vast information that is constantly displayed and updated.

So the next time your team has a game, why not fire up your Wii U and try out Nintendo TVii? For a free app, you really receive a lot of content that is essential for your knowledge needs. If you are a basketball fan and your team is playing the Charlotte Bobcats, you know that a bearded man named \”Dizzle\” will be greeting you in the game message board before the game and during the game, you will be greeted to a barrage of Bobcats-related comments, pictures, and more. I\’ll see you in the game lobby!

Shawn Long
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