Nintendo Treehouse breaks down Fire Emblem Heroes’ Dark Burdens

fire emblem heroes dark burdens

Tomorrow, Fire Emblem Heroes will drop a new summoning focus, presenting new variants for four familiar heroes under the Dark Burdens banner. As the name would suggest, these new units have succumbed to the darkness in their hearts one way or another. With fangs bared and ferocity unleashed, the dark new versions of Corrin, Lyon, Julia, and Ike wield a bevy of new abilities in the Fire Emblem mobile game. As such, the Nintendo Treehouse shared some tips on how to best use these new characters and their powers.

These new units come with a variety of boosts, albeit share some drawbacks as these characters fight best alone. We’ve gone over some of the new abilities being added to the game with their inclusion yesterday, though it is frightening to see how these skills come together to make frighteningly powerful units. Julia boasts high resistance that, with certain Sacred Seals equipped, turn her into a magic tank with surreal firepower; Corrin’s skills stack up to making him one of the fastest units in the game; Julius gains a weapon triangle advantage against colorless units; finally, though this Ike does not fight for its friends, his Oath skill nonetheless grants him some ally-adjacent buffs.

May RNG be in your favor for Fire Emblem Heroes‘ Dark Burdens focus tomorrow, summoners!

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