Nintendo tops gaming industry in money spent on July TV ads


When it comes to the amount of money spent on TV ads in July, Nintendo tops the list. Per information from (which analyzes attention and conversion analytics through smart TV’s), the company spent eight percent more on ads than second-placed companies listed as “other” and 10 percent more than FoxNext Games which ranked third.

In July, Nintendo spent $5.8 million of the combined $18.3 million the industry as a whole spent on TV ads. A drop from the $27.7 million spent on TV ads during June. The money it spent went towards 14 ads that ran over 3,100 times on various family-friendly networks like Cartoon Network, and Nick, among others, generating 399.7 million impressions.


Of its titles, Nintendo gave Mario Tennis Aces the highest ad budget which came close to $1.2 million. Including “The Big N,” the video game industry spent $18.3 million to run 66 commercials over 13,100 times which translated close to 1.9 billion TV ad impressions. The amount of money spent on ads dropped from the $27.7 million spent by the industry in June.

The question now is will Nintendo be able to hold onto the number one spot the rest of the Summer? While they sit atop of the throne, for now, keep in mind since January, PlayStation has attributed for 44.7 percent of industry spending. Plus they have a big September planned in terms of releases. Its exclusive Spider-Man game will be released on September 7, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be released on September 14 and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy goes on sale the following week.

Do you think Nintendo will hold ground atop the ad leaderboard as Summer winds down? Comment below!


Nick Battaglia
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