Nintendo will ban pirated Switch games from online features

A huge aspect for gamers has been the secondhand gaming market. It became a past time for many by heading to their local Gamestop or retro video game store to pick up an old copy of your favorite or hard to find game. The market for that has been huge! If you are buying an illegal copy though, you better take care. Nintendo has stated they are now going to start banning illegal or copied Switch games from accessing online features by locking that specific console. This new policy will not affect real second-hand copies.

Since the Switch launched last year it’s been targeted by hackers to find various exploits. They have recently used a tool known as DevMenu to hack an online level in Super Mario Odyssey to input pornographic images (you can read more about that here). For those looking to hack their Switch to play these pirated games, you will not have access to play it online. So while you will have your illegal copy of lets’ say Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2, you can’t really utilize it fully.  A prominent hacker earlier this year praised Nintendo for being on the ball when it comes to preventing people from hacking its’ system.

Basically what Nintendo does to prevent this from occurring is by putting what’s known as an encrypted client certificate aka “Trust Certificate” at the core of every Switch console. That  certificate is unique only to that specific console. . Talk about some tough love.  Apparently, there is a workaround to this. If you stay offline, you can still play them and you shouldn’t be detected. There is still a chance you could be caught so, beware. For more info on that, Reddit and ARS Technica explain it very well.


Moral of the story here is, just play your games legally or buy them from your favorite local game store. If you really don’t want to lose your online Switch privileges then take heed cause “hey” that’s not fun for anyone.


Tarah Bleier