Looking for a Nintendo-themed jack o’lantern design? Check these out

Nintendo jack o'lantern Halloween

Halloween is just shy of a week away. That means you’re likely sharpening your knives, ready to gut the orange gourds and turn them into a work of art. After all, Halloween wouldn’t exactly be Halloween without a jack o’lantern or two.

Carving pumpkins is, perhaps, my favorite Halloween tradition. You might ask – why? What about the candy or the parties or dressing up? In all reality, it boils down to vanity.  In my line of work, I never have the opportunity to hearken back to my elementary days when I created a masterpiece that landed on the fridge for all of my family and friends to see. Pumpkin carving fills that childish void. Year after year, I try to think of the wildest ideas for display. Then I get to show it off to the neighborhood with pride. And yes, I stand there handing out candy on the porch secretly beaming inside like a kindergartener eagerly awaiting to hear the first comment on my artwork.

If you’re as weirdly invested in pumpkin carving as I am – or you simply just want a sweet design aglow on your porch – finding that awesome design is half the fun. Luckily, we here at Nintendo Enthusiast can point Nintendo fans in the right direction. It’ll save you some time on countless Google images searches.

Bowser, King Boo, and Shy Guy
Difficulty Mode: Easy

These patterns actually come to you straight from Nintendo via Twitter. Bowser, Boo, and Shy Guy keep things fairly low-key. While each of the designs are simple with little detail, it’s not difficult to discern who these characters are. It’s always a travesty when you carve something special and then have to explain what it is.

Image credits: Nintendo

Luigi, Paper Mario, The Triforce, and Kirby
Difficulty Mode: Normal

Okay, so you might be saying that the Triforce should actually be the easiest stencil in the book. After all, it’s just three triangles. But why stop there? This awesome design from KatzCraftStore on etsy offers a much more elaborate symbol that adds character to your Triforce! Just be sure to leave enough space between the triangles to keep the middle upside-down triangle intact. A mishap can certainly occur there, leaving your Triforce as one giant triangle.

Image credits: Nintendo (Luigi), Perfectly Nintendo (Paper Mario),
KatzCraftStore (Triforce), Nicole H. via ThinkGeek (Kirby)

Pokémon, because why not?
Difficulty Mode: Hard

These stencils offer a bit more of a challenge, but also give you the opportunity to translate your favorite pocket monsters onto a pumpkin. If you long for an easier Pokémon stencil, do not fear. Pokemon.com has plenty of options, including simpler ideas.

Image credit: The Pokémon Company International

If you found other Nintendo designs that you enjoy, be sure to let us know about them in the comments below. Also, if you are looking for printable versions of these templates, check out the image credit links.  Most of them have printable versions available. And most importantly, have a fun but safe Halloween, everyone!

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