Nintendo tested Lego Super Mario figures by dropping them 6,000 times

Lego Super Mario trailer, Nintendo x Lego Group collaboration with innovative coin-collecting, on/off switch, click snaps

Lego Super Mario sets are set to debut across the world tomorrow, August 1, and today, we’re stoking our excitement with stuff like a 23,000-piece Lego build of Mario and a recent interview between Nintendo Life and Lego’s lead designer for the line. One particularly interesting tidbit flew out of that interview – Nintendo, predictably, play-tested the heck out of every Lego Mario figure every time that the set’s architects shipped one over. This hopefully resulted in some nuke-resistant Lego Super Mario figures, but kids are famously destructive. You can read lead designer Jonathan Bennink’s comments on Nintendo’s rigorous safety and quality testing below.

We never had a partner challenge us in safety and quality, and this was the first time! Every time we shipped a Mario to them, they dropped it 6,000 times. That is Nintendo quality – that was new for us!

It sounds like Nintendo was quite protective of their star plumber, and that’s a good thing for kids around the world who will dive into these sets over the next couple of months. The Mario figure is the centerpiece of the Lego Super Mario line of sets. He is packed with tons of tech and is pretty integral to the playability of each set, so he’ll have to be able to take quite a beating from overly excited kids who are notoriously prone to dropping or throwing anything they can get their little fingers wrapped around.

Will you pick up any Lego Super Mario sets tomorrow? What about that decidedly snazzy Lego NES? Share your plans in the comments below.

Nick Pearson
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