Nintendo Switch VR headset patent discovered, isn’t cardboard this time

Nintendo VR headset patent Japan

Back in April of this year, the Nintendo Labo VR kit was unleashed on the masses, bringing the power of virtual reality to Nintendo Switch via… some cardboard. It notably came with no head strap, meaning you had to hope your arms did not get tired from holding the Switch up to your face. More recently, a Japanese patent applied for by Nintendo back in February 2018 was published on Aug. 22, revealing plans for a different Switch VR headset… which also has no head strap.

Nintendo Switch VR headset patent Japan
Credit: Let’s Go Digital

This Switch VR headset variation notably seems to feature foam padding and shielding for the lenses, making for a more viable experience. It also is… not made of cardboard, making it less susceptible to instant water-based destruction. The continued lack of head strap in the design suggests Nintendo hates the idea of you removing the Joy-Con from the Switch for whatever reason. But it’s a silly exclusion, seeing how many custom Switch VR headset rigs with a strap have been shown off on YouTube and social media already. In any case, businesses file patents all the time, so there’s no guarantee this particular device will ever come to market.

Have you bought Nintendo Labo VR, or have you bought any Nintendo Labo kit for that matter? Much to my dismay, I haven’t, though I like Labo in theory. I worry how many consumers have my same mindset to Labo.


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