Nintendo Switch Sports is a Wii Sports successor, launches in April

Nintendo Switch Sports online play test registration open announcement trailer release date April 27, 2022 online play test NSO members

At the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed an announcement trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports, a continuation of the Wii Sports series, and it will launch with a release date of April 29, 2022. Classics like bowling and tennis are back and in prime form! The game already has a full-blown website set up and preorders are opening today. Additionally, later this month, there will be a Nintendo Switch Sports online play test available to Nintendo Switch Online members.

Here are all of the official PR details, plus the trailer:

Swing, kick and spike your way to victory with a collection of sports that puts you right into the action! Play together in person*** or online* with family and friends, or challenge friendly competitors near and far in the new iteration of the classic Wii Sports series. Turn your real-world actions into in-game movements using Joy-Con controllers and compete in six sports, including Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara (swordplay). You can even use a Joy-Con with the Leg Strap accessory included in the physical version to kick the ball in a Soccer Shoot-Out! Plus, a seventh sport is planned to be added via a free update this fall – get ready to Golf! Get active and get into the game when Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29! Pre-orders begin today in Nintendo eShop. An online play test will also be available for Nintendo Switch Online members on Feb. 18, Feb. 19 and Feb. 20.

After the play test this month, stay tuned for the April release date of Nintendo Switch Sports!

John Friscia
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