Nintendo Switch sales on pace to hit 100 million faster than Wii and PS4

Nintendo Switch sales 100 million

Nintendo will soon be repeating history. Only a small handful of consoles have managed to sell 100 million units, and Nintendo is responsible for three of them. That number should increase to four later this year, as Nintendo Switch sales are rapidly speeding towards the coveted milestone. In fact, the hybrid console is currently on pace to hit 100 million faster than Wii and PS4 did. This revelation comes via Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad, who’s always great for a sales chart. Check out the comparison below.

Nintendo Switch sales pace

As you can see, Switch is outpacing every past home console in history on the way to 100 million. PS4 was the previous record-holder, just barely beating both Wii and PS2 to the mark. However, Switch isn’t exactly just a home console. It’s also a handheld. And when it comes to handhelds, a different Nintendo device is king. Nintendo Switch sales, impressive as they are, aren’t quite on pace with DS. In the race to 100 million, it’s still in first place overall.

The race to 100 million

Nintendo Switch sales 100 million ps4 wii

Although Nintendo Switch sales aren’t quite on pace with DS, they’re damn close. DS went on to sell over 150 million units, the second-highest total ever achieved, behind PS2. There’s a very real shot that Switch could pass 100 million on its way to becoming the top-selling gaming system in history. Nintendo repeatedly told investors last year that the console is only halfway through its life cycle. If Switch can truly sustain strong sales for several more years to come, the sky is the limit.

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