Nintendo Switch dominates sales in EU and Australia for November 2020

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite - Money

Regions all around are reporting seriously good news for the Nintendo Switch, and the news has yet to stop. Just recently, GamesIndustry released yet another report that confirms that the Switch was the top selling console across the board in all of Europe and also Australia.

Out of 2.35 million consoles that were sold during the month of November 2020 in those regions, the Switch cornered the market and licked up the highest amount of those sales. Of course, November 2020 was a formidable month for the Switch as it had to contend with the launches of not one, or even two, but three brand-new, next-gen systems. All possessing power and games that the Switch does not have access to. That’s what makes its success even more notable. Of course, stock shortages of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles most certainly had a major effect on the outcome, but it’s still an achievement worth making note of.

Switching on the fun

This report notes that the UK makes up the largest amount of market share, followed by Germany and then France in terms of game sales. The specifics of console sales are not given on the basis of country-by-country, however. Still, going by this metric, it would at least seem that the UK is really what pushed the Switch to this milestone. If so, this is impressive considering that the UK has continued to be one of Nintendo’s least-performing markets for several years. But, it looks like the Switch has even managed to change the taste of gamers over there.

As we roll into 2021 and supplies of new next-gen consoles start to even out in order to match demand, that will be the real test of the Switch’s endurance. The hybrid officially turns four years old in March, putting it smack in the middle of its lifecycle; not too young, but also beginning to age. Still, the hybrid functionality may continue to be the Switch’s saving grace for years to come.


A.K Rahming
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