Nintendo Switch dethrones the 3DS, with 79.87 million units sold worldwide

Nintendo Switch Sales beats 3ds global lifetime units shipped

It is pretty obvious that Nintendo Switch is doing extremely well. This is great news for Nintendo, especially after the troubled life cycle of the Wii U. The Japanese company’s most recent financial report has provided an update on current total Nintendo Switch sales figures, and the console has sold over 79.87 million units worldwide, surpassing the global sales of Nintendo 3DS.

This now makes it the fifth bestselling Nintendo console, with Switch sitting just under Game Boy Advance for sales. It is safe to say that Switch will take over the fourth spot soon, as Game Boy Advance sold 81 million units worldwide.

Nintendo has stated that it shipped 24.1 million units in 9 months, which is 36% higher than last year. This also makes it the most successful sales period for the console since its launch in 2017.

Here are some more details:

  • 532.34 million Switch games have been sold since the console’s launch in 2017.
  • Nintendo hit its annual net sales target of 1.4 trillion yen ($13.4 billion).
  • Overseas sales (outside of Japan) made up 77.6% of sales.
  • Digital sales contributed 256 million yen ($2.4 billion) to the earned revenue. This includes Switch Online, full game downloads, and DLC.

Nintendo Switch is only halfway through its life, and the console has already managed to dethrone 3DS for total sales. Nintendo’s hybrid device is sure to see even more success as time goes on, with more software on its way to boost sales.

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