Nintendo Switch sales: 21 million units last year, 55.77 million lifetime

Nintendo Switch sales 21 million

Last generation, Nintendo struggled to gain any momentum with Wii U, but they’ve completely turned things around in just a few short years. Nintendo Switch has been a massive sales success since day one, and it’s still going strong. According to the latest sales report, the current Nintendo console sold over 21 million units last year, bringing its lifetime total to 55.77 million.

Nintendo Switch sales

The latest quarterly report puts Nintendo Switch sales at 52.48 million. This means Nintendo sold 3.29 million Switch consoles from January 1 through March 30. That’s the strongest numbers Nintendo has ever shown during that period, and it comes immediately after the console’s strongest-ever holiday season. Additionally, that 21 million figure is their strongest year as well. That’s partially due to a strong start from the cheaper Switch Lite model, which has sold 6.19 million units thus far.

Adding a little more perspective, those 21 million Nintendo Switch sales are a tad shy of Wii’s heyday. That 55.77 million lifetime puts Switch just behind the original NES, which sold 61.91 million units. Nintendo Switch should easily catch it by the end of the year. Catching up to the Wii will be a much tougher challenge.


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