Report: Nintendo Switch Pro may be out in September, priced above $299

Nintendo Switch Pro - 4K - OLED - Upgrade - Switch Pro

Bloomberg is still rolling with Nintendo Switch Pro rumors and reports, this time dropping a pretty big one: the new, more powerful console may be released as soon as September. Additionally, it is likely to cost more than the current Switch model’s $299 price tag, will begin assembly as soon as July, and may even be revealed ahead of E3 so that publishers can showcase all of their in-development Switch games.

The Bloomberg report also notes that only a handful of people close to the matter know the actual name of the Nintendo Switch Pro, which will phase in and replace the standard Switch model over time.

Exact quantities and production targets are not known, but Bloomberg holds that Nintendo plans to ramp up production in October and November in preparation for the holiday season. How Nintendo will accomplish this in light on worldwide semiconductor shortages, which are currently causing all kinds of tech scarcity, is unclear.

Despite Nintendo shooting down the rumor of a Nintendo Switch Pro as recently as three months ago, Bloomberg has consistently reported on a forthcoming upgraded Switch since last year. They’re a reputable news organization that has nailed certain gaming rumors in the past, so anything they report on a new Switch model is automatically intriguing.

What do you think? Are you trusting Bloomberg’s reporting, or are you still skeptical of a new, more powerful Switch launching this year? Let us know your predictions in the comment section below.


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