Nintendo Switch Online will continue to receive more NES, SNES games

Nintendo Switch Online more new NES SNES games will be added EarthBound Super Mario RPG hopefully

Today, much to the surprise of just about everyone, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games (plus accompanying controllers) were announced for Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) as part of a new pricing tier called Expansion Pack. Expansion Pack will launch sometime in October, but the exact pricing has yet to be released. However, the announcement did immediately raise some questions about how much Nintendo would continue to support the basic Switch Online offering, especially as it pertains to NES and SNES games. Now, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo has received confirmation from Nintendo that Switch Online will continue to receive new NES and SNES games in the future.

There are still some major games missing from the NES and SNES libraries of Nintendo Switch Online, including EarthBound Beginnings, regular ol’ EarthBound, and Super Mario RPG, among others. It’s good to know that they can still arrive, and considering Nintendo owns the Mother / EarthBound IP, it’s pretty ridiculous that they’re not already there. Likewise, the incredibly strong relationship Nintendo and Square Enix enjoy these days could easily lead one to believe that it’s possible to bring Super Mario RPG to NSO.

However, the oddest revelation today may just be that other outlets’ reports of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games imminently arriving on NSO were apparently pretty wrong. Of course, they could still come in the future.


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