Nintendo Switch Online members can get a free Spirit Board item pack

Spirit Board Challenge Pack 1

If you’re a fan of the Spirit Board in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate¬†and are looking to get a little help with expanding your collection, Nintendo has just the product for you. You can now download the Spirit Board Challenge Pack 1 for free! Well, almost, at least. In order to claim this pack, you have to be a subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online.

Included in this pack are some items that will help you in your quest to free the Spirits found within the Spirit Board mode. First, the pack comes with 10 Shuffle All items, which reshuffle all the targets on the board and refresh their timers. You also get 10 All Primary and 10 All Support items, which work the same way with the exception of refreshing the board with only Spirits of the same type as the item you used. Lastly, you also get 1,500 Spirit Points, which can be used both to purchase items from shops in the World of Light and to summon new Spirits.

The most interesting thing here though is that this is labeled as “Challenge Pack 1,” which would imply that more of these goodie bags are to come in the future. So whether you’ve been playing Ultimate nonstop since the beginning or are just coming in after a long break in order to play Hero, head on over to the eShop and grab your free item pack today!

Steven Rollins
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